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A peace delegation from Austria went to Donetsk and Lugansk
Wilhelm Langthaler
A delegation of nine peace and neutrality activists went to the rebel areas in eastern Ukraine on the occasion of the celebrations of Soviet victory over German Fascism on May 9th as well as the fifth anniversary of the founding of the republics in the Donbass.
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By: Between the Lines – Ludwig Watzal
„The old will die, and the young will forget“ as David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, once said. Haneen Zoabi presented herself as the living counterexample. Zoabi focuses on Palestinians living in Israel which hold Israeli citizenship. She offered a quite astonishing inside view of „Israel’s democracy“.
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The defeat of Poroshenko’s regime in the April 21 elections was the logical outcome of a government based on neoliberal reforms and stunning nationalist propaganda. The people of Ukraine expressed their distrust of corrupt officials hiding behind patriotic rhetoric.
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May 2, 2019, will mark five years since a right-wing mob attack on the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, Ukraine, a tragedy that resulted in the deaths of at least 42 people and more than 100 injured. Today there still is no justice in sight for the mourners of the victims.
A proportional sentence? Freedom of expression under threat
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In the spring of 2018, a young Palestinian from Gaza was charged for terrorism and sentenced to life imprisonment by a jury at a local court in Krems, Austria. The sparse media reports indicate that the alleged terror attack, which did not actually happen, was intended to be carried out in occupied Jerusalem. The witnesses, juvenile Palestinians, were not actually present at the court in Austria, but gave their statements via Skype from an Israeli gaol.
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Pics from the Austrian Peace Delegation May 2019
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Pics from the Austrian Peace Delegation May 2019
May 9: celebrating the victory over fascism
Statement of European personalities in support of democratic forces
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We are seriously concerned about the facts of the systematic pressure on the opposition in Ukraine.
16-18 September 2016 - Chianciano Terme (Siena, Italy)
No Euro International Forum
European meeting of democratic forces opposed to the Euro regime
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Programme June 26-28, 2015
Athens International Forum against Euro
Call for an International Forum (Athens 26-28/6/2015) and the establishment of a European Co-ordination of Left political parties, popular organisations and social movements fighting for exit from the European Union, the euro and NATO.
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The common currency was conceived as the final act of the unification of the capitalist elites in the frame of the European Union. The Euro should have sealed the brazen regime of the capitalist oligarchy led by Germany.

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End Israeli apartheid
Palestine is the symbolic centre of all conflicts within the imperialist-capitalist world system. It exemplifies that (neo)colonial domination, let alone the grab of land by the West, evokes resistance. The two-state formula “land for peace” (read: partial return of land for the end of resistance) has failed as Israel sticks to its goal to take it all.
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In Hindi Adivasi means first people and is used also as a self-description. Since the Indo-european settlement the mostly Dravidic Adivasis have been oppressed. They either remain below the Hindu caste system or got integrated at its lowest rank – like untouchables or Dalits. The Indian constitution deliberately avoided the notion Adivasi to ward off possible political claims emanating from the meaning.
The murderous embargo must be lifted
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In the Gaza Strip one and a half million people virtually live under siege, behind barbed wire and without a chance to escape this prison camp. The living conditions are unbearable due to a severe shortage of food, medicine and clean water, strictly limited power supply and worsening hygienic conditions. Despite this situation the blockade of the Gaza Strip is tightened and the Israeli Army is launching military actions and bombardments on an almost daily basis. Those who have to suffer are the civilians.
Tahrir popular uprisings at our doors
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In the first years after the formation of the Anti-imperialist Camp we used to hold an annual public summer camp in Assisi, Italy, the last one in 2004. After difficult years we revive this experience this year 2012 on the juncture of the Arab revolt and the Southern European movements against the EU crisis.
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