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Your success as an entrepreneur and agency owner is dependent on one thing…

Your success is dependent on YOU. 

Your ability to level yourself up in skillets and mindsets is the single greatest lever you can pull to improve your business results.HOT WHEELS REDLINE CUSTOM COUGAR RESTORED

A wise mentor once told me “Your business is simply a reflection of yourself.”HOT WHEELS REDLINE CUSTOM ELDORADO IN OLIVE.
That couldn’t be more true. 

Many people look for a silver bullet on how to win more clients, double their rates, or fix all of their problems. Hot Wheels Redline custom Firebird gold HK
But the truth is there is no silver bullet.

There is simply growing and developing as an entrepreneur and a leader.  Hot Wheels Redline Custom Fleetside Sky Show HTF Aqua 1968 US Partial Ramp Bed

Marketing - Your ability to generate leads for your business.

Sales - Your ability to turn leads into cash. 

Leadership - Hot Wheels Redline Custom T Bird gold with Brown Interior 1967 HKYour ability to build systems and empower people to deliver on the products & services that you sell. 

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I have been self-employed as an agency owner and entrepreneur for 10+ years. HOT WHEELS REDLINE FERRARI 312P NM-MT UNPLAYED WITH

Early in my career, I built up a creative agency to generate over $1M in revenue and landed multiple Fortune 500 clients and A-List touring artists. Hot Wheels Redline gold Custom Dodge Charger
After leaving this agency, I went out on my own to start up a web design and digital marketing agency. HOT WHEELS REDLINE HEAVY CHEVY blueE HONG KONG 1969

Along the way, I uncovered my true talents and path were not in doing creative work, but instead my

This took me on a journey of consulting for other agency owners on sales, marketing and business development. In this journey I generated millions of dollars of new business for the companies that I worked with.

And eventually this lead to me launching a Hot Wheels Redline CUSTOM CONTINENTAL MARK III Restored that has now scaled to over $50k MRR

Yet this is just the start of my journey.Hot Wheels Redline Heavyweights Red Metallic Fire Engine White Interior I am on the path to build businesses that command millions of dollars of revenue, and this blog is a place for me to document and teach what I learn along the way.


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“In just a few months, we had our first signed deal with one of our dream clients and proposals in the works for several others. Hot wheels Redline Indy Eagle Great Condition 1969Jake did exactly what he said he would do, he won us our dream clients.
— Ryan Carter, Parachute Media
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Jake has been instrumental in building our sales team and sales processes. He first helped us refine our value proposition and messaging which has made a massive difference in our business. Hot Wheels Redline Paddy Wagon R L

He has also been meeting weekly with my sales and marketing teams to set priorities, coach them and give feedback. Hot Wheels Redline Power Pad-Magenta Excellent

My schedule is jam packed with high quality meetings with prospects as a result.HOT WHEELS REDLINE RODGER DODGER 1974 PLUM 1977 gold CHROME ×2 & RAPTOR LOT OF 4 I would highly recommend Jake to any agency looking to build, scale or optimize their sales team.
— Albert Stepanyan, CEO of Develandoo

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My Blog - These are in depth articles teaching individual topics. 

Working Without Pants Podcast - This podcasts consists of two formats. Interview style where I dissect the stories of other successful agency owners and entrepreneurs and monologue style shows where I teach the lessons I learn along the way. HOT WHEELS REDLINE SPOILERS HEAVY CHEVY, METALLIC CHERRY RED, EXCELLENT ORIGINAL

The Daily - Every day, I learn something new, and every day, I teach what I learn to you through The Daily in 1,200 characters or less. Hot Wheels Redline T 4 2 Collectors Quality Condition missing top

My goal with this site is to create content that helps you level up your marketing, sales and leadership skills. Hot Wheels Redline US gold Custom Barracuda

Sign up below and join me on this journey.